What to expect as a NEW patient at Austin Fertility Institute–Dr. Natalie Crawford

Most people never expect to set foot inside a fertility clinic. Reaching the point of needing help to grow your family can provoke anxiety and fear about the unknown. At Austin Fertility Institute, we want you to feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door. Here at AFI, we share your common goal of parenthood.


Here is what to expect as a new patient –


  1. Scheduling a new patient visit – by calling the office (512-339-4234) or placing an online query (www.austinfertilityinstitute.com/contact-us), you will reach our new patient scheduler. After getting basic information about your infertility journey thus far, we will also ask for insurance information. An insurance verification will be completed prior to your visit; if your new patient consultation is not covered under your plan, we will make sure you are aware before you arrive.
  2. Upon arrival – you will check in and then fill out new patient paperwork if it has not been completed via the online portal (your log in will be given to you when your appointment is scheduled).
  3. You will have your vital signs checked (such as weight, blood pressure, etc).
  4. When the physician is ready, you will be taken back to the office for your consultation. You (and/or your partner, if applicable) will review your medical history with your physician, Dr. Moghadam or Dr. Crawford. If you have had any fertility evaluation or treatment in the past, this well be reviewed as well. Having your records sent over from prior fertility evaluations and treatments before the appointment (or having the records available during your appointment) will make the most of your time with your physician. Depending on your history, some patients will also have an ultrasound or blood work done at the initial visit.
  5. You will be given a step by step plan before you leave and learn how to contact your physician with any questions. We strive to have each patient leave understanding their plan for evaluation and possible treatment options.


At Austin Fertility Institute, we want you to know that we stand beside you. We understand your struggle and we encourage you to seek support where you can. To us, you are family.

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